• Mastering the premastered bounce of the mix created in part 21.
  • Mastering -- The "quick & dirty" method using only stock plug-ins in Logic Pro X.
  • Adding fade in and fade out automation on the Master Fader.
  • Using the Linear Phase EQ for mass management and high-end emphasis.
  • Using the Exciter plug-in for harmonic enhancement and saturation.
  • Using the Multipresser for multi-band compression and frequency balance.
  • Using the Stereo Spread plug-in to slightly spread the high end stereo field.
  • Using the Compressor plug-in Classic VCA for color and mix buss "glue".
  • Using the Adaptive Limiter for brick wall limiting, DC Offset correction, and achieving maximum loudness.
  • Metering the master with the Loudness Meter to -10 LUFS.
  • Metering the phase with the Correlation Meter.
  • Checking mono compatibility with the Gain plug-in.


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