LOGIC PRO X 201 - Music Production, Composition, MIDI and Synthesis (21-part course)

Logic Pro X 201 is a 21-part covering music production, composition and arrangement, MIDI, synthesis, vocal recording, editing and tuning, mixing and mastering. The course starts with just basic chords at the piano, and then ends with a fully composed, arranged, mixed and mastered pop/electronic song. Logic 10.4 was used during the making of this course. Like all of my YouTube courses, they are completely free to watch on YouTube, with occasional ads. The course is available for purchase, to watch ad-free and the session content is available for purchase to practice mixing and mastering as well.


  1. Introduction, Software Instruments, Layering Instruments

  2. Piano Roll Editor & Step Input

  3. Chords & Scales in Piano Roll

  4. Quantization & Rhythm in Piano Roll

  5. Recording a Scratch Vocals

    5A. BONUS VIDEO - Tuning Scratch Vocal with Melodyne

  6. Synthesis - ES2 Oscillators & Filters

  7. Synthesis - ES2 Modulation, Routers, LFOs, ADSRs & Vector Envelope

  8. Ultrabeat Drum Sampling & Synthesis

  9. Sampling & Beat Building with Drum Machine Designer

  10. Arrangement Building (PART 1)

  11. Arrangement Building (PART 2)

  12. Arrangement Building (PART 3)

  13. Microphone Techniques for Vocals

  14. Recording Vocals, Take Folders, Quick Punch-In

  15. Comping Vocals, Quick Swipe Comping

  16. Vocal Tuning with Flex Pitch

  17. Create Vocal Harmonies with Flex Pitch

  18. Mixing the Vocals, Vocal Timing Fixes

  19. Mixing and Sound Design on the Instrumental

  20. Finalizing the Mix

  21. Mastering