LOGIC PRO X - Pop/Rock Mixing (22-part course)

This 22-part course in Logic Pro X covers mixing, mastering, and production techniques in pop/rock music. This covers working with both audio tracks and instruments, like guitars, multi-track drums, vocals, and bass guitar, and also synthesizers and keyboards. Like all of my YouTube courses, you can watch this course for FREE on YouTube, with occasional ads. Or you can purchase all of the course videos ad-free, and the session content to work along with the course is available as well. Logic Pro 10.3 was used to make this course; however, it is still applicable for versions 10.1 through 10.4.


  1. Volume, Setting Levels, dB-FS, Pan, Pan Law & Groups

  2. Fixing Phase Issues in the Drums

  3. Understanding EQ, Channel EQ on Drums

  4. Compressor and Noise Gate on Drums

  5. Enveloper and Compressor on Drums

  6. Drum Replacement/Doubling

  7. Guitar and Bass: EQ, Compressor, Exciter, Direction Mixer

  8. Clean Guitar and Keys, EQ, Enveloper, Direction Mixer

  9. Synths, Guitar Solo, Stereo Spread, Space Designer, Tremolo

  10. Creating Vocal Harmonies with Flex Pitch

  11. MORE Vocal Harmonies with Flex Pitch

  12. EQ and Compression on Vocals

  13. Adding Reverb, Space Designer, Sends, Buses, Aux Tracks

  14. Ensemble Plug-in for Thickening Vocals

  15. Stereo Delay Plug-in on Vocals & Guitar Solo

  16. Buss Processing, Creating Submixes/Submasters

  17. Pitch Correction Plug-in for Tuning Vocals

  18. Automation for Volume, Aux Tracks, and Plug-ins

  19. Creating Transitions

  20. Cut Up Vocal Intro w/Pitch Correction & Vocal Transformer

  21. Final Mix Tweaks Before Mastering

  22. Mastering in Logic