LOGIC PRO X - Pop/EDM Production (22-part course)

This 22-part video tutorial series covers pop and electronic music production — MIDI sequencing, synthesizers, vocal production, vocal tuning, harmony creation, mixing and mastering. Like all of my YouTube courses, the videos are FREE to watch with occasional ads; however, the full course can be purchased with the session content so you can watch it ad-free. Logic Pro X 10.3 was used during the making of this course; however, it is still applicable for versions 10.1 through 10.4.


  1. Pop/EDM Production Introduction

  2. Filter Kick, Intro Synths, Filter Sweep w/Region Automation

  3. EQ, Compression & Reverb on Intro Vocals

  4. Delay Feedback Transition

  5. Reverse Piano & Cymbal Swells

  6. Filtered Vocal Echo, Finishing the Intro

  7. Sidechain Compression Ducking Effect, Sound Design in Verses

  8. De-Breathing & Flex Time Correction on Verse Vocals

  9. Aligning Vocals with Flex Time

  10. Vocal Tuning with Flex Pitch

  11. Vocal Harmonies with Flex Pitch

  12. Vocal Edits & Pitch Correction Plug-in on Verses

  13. Mixing Verse Vocals

  14. Transition Effects & Build Up Pitch Riser

  15. Adding Synth Riser to Pitch Riser Aux Track

  16. More Flex Time & Flex Pitch on Vocals

  17. More Vocal Harmonies with Flex Pitch & Vocal Transformer

  18. Finishing Vocal Edits (EVEN MORE Flex Pitch!)

  19. Finalizing Synth & Drum Production

  20. Finalizing Vocals

  21. Finishing & Bouncing the Mix

  22. Mastering