LOGIC PRO X 101 - Introduction to Logic (12-part course)

Logic Pro X 101 is a 12-part overview course covering the basics of recording, editing, MIDI, mixing and mastering in Logic Pro X. Logic 10.3 was used during the making of this course, it is applicable for versions 10.2 through 10.4. Like all of my YouTube courses, they are completely free to watch on YouTube, with occasional ads. The course is available for purchase, to watch ad-free and the session content is available for purchase to practice mixing and mastering as well.


  1. Getting Started in Logic 10.3

  2. Recording with a Microphone, I/O Buffer, Bit Depth, Sample Rate

  3. Recording DI Guitar, Quick Swipe Comping, Take Folders

  4. Audio Edit Tools, Snap Modes & Edit Functions

  5. Working with MIDI, More Arrangement Building

  6. Flex Time

  7. Vocal Comping & Tuning with Flex Pitch

  8. Mixing the Drums

  9. Mixing Rhythm Guitars & Bass

  10. Mixing Lead Guitars, Wah Pedal Automation

  11. Mixing Vocals

  12. Finalizing the Mix & Mastering